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Message Subject Are freemasons bad?
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content
Several have been good friends and taught me a lot about helping people. A few are arrogant but you would find that in any group.

I would say walk right up and ask them about Masonry, you might make some friends too. I wouldn't ambush them lol, just walk over casually and say Hi I live down the block and can't help but wondering what this is about. Is their anyone I can ask if thats OK? They have a lot of parties (not in the temple room) and if thats going on they may even invite you in.

You'll make friends, their just people but I really can't vouch for what goes on higher up.

All kinds of people are Masons Nice and not so nice so you could get a warm reception or they might blow you off too.
Depends on who you meet.

Best Wishes
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