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Message Subject Are freemasons bad?
Poster Handle hexrune
Post Content
Freemasons aren't bad at all. They are just a fun target for conspiritards and psychos at large. They are a brotherhood of people who protect one another, just like any other organization of the like. They do a hell of a lot of charity work, a lot more than most of the conspiritards posting drivel on this very site. They do a LOT of community work in the towns they have halls and presence in. When I go to the ATM at night, I'm not looking over my shoulder for the freemasons, I'm looking for most of you weirdos.

The only "SPIRITUAL" requirement in becoming a freemason is to believe in SOME divine creator.

My father is a freemason and he works his ass off everyday, pays his bills, helps his community. He doesn't sacrifice children to Nyalarthotep or whatever bullshit you clowns believe.
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