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Message Subject Are freemasons bad?
Poster Handle TruthMinion
Post Content
From who do you hear this jabber? All these conspiracy theories about masonry are made up. Being a Freemason myself, I know what I'm talking about. Would you consider George Washington and Ben Franklin and Douglas MacArthur evil? These men were true heroes and they were also Masons! You should know what you are talking about before you start talking about stuff made up by some whack job conspiracy theorist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44923248

In Brazil they say the same bullshit propaganda, saying that they helped to free the slaves and such.

They just forget to tell the "intellectual loving Masons wanna bes" that Brazil was THE LAST country to free the slaves.

And because Masons want to get PERSONAL BENEFITS, no one question the "fact" of how "good" Masonry is.

Oh, and back NOW in 1988 (88 being multiple of their beloved 11) passed a LAW stating that the "free" slaves have to work, GET THIS!

44 hours a week.

44. Multiple of what?????

One of the longest working hours in the world.

They are JUST GREAT!! These criminal bullshit masons.
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