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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Corvus
Post Content
You write very poetic, Profound.

The new motto of the Illuminati has been : WE ARE ONE.

That is why i am fiercly against the Illuminati.Because they want to unify all people and their nations/tribes.This will cause the assimilation of distinct cultures and races.Each people has different racial features and cultures which makes them unique and beautiful.The Illuminati put forward their multiculturalist agenda to destroy that distinct features people have, to turn people into single unthinking and unquestioning mass with no unique/personal features.

Unification always caused loss of freedom.When people advanced from tribalism to imperial/state government by unification,people who led unification(centralization) gained power and established hierarchical orders to control more people.Therefore in the end personal freedom for non-ruling strata decreased dramatically.

We are not one,everything in universe is unique and valuable.Every 'free' human has his/her own ideas,personalities and personal tastes.Illuminati(top of the pyramid,creme de la creme,royal bloodlines,tptb vs. whatever you call them) wants to create a one world technocratic dictatorship and turn all the people into submissive sheep flock.

Again we are not one.I dont buy this shit.I only support a 'temporary' unification(or rather a temporary alliance between people to achieve a certain goal) just to overthrow all authority and to destroy hierarchical/organized society.
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