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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I like to keep it simple, We have any and all DNA because combination and recombination keeps us manifesting the patterns we are obsessed with to create energy.

The hybridized plant is more vital for one generation, of that one variant, the need to vary is polar. In some instances it creates the needed dominant attributes to conquer the particular challenge in environment in others it needs subsequent couplings.

But a land race will occur where subsequent challenges have not been issued. Variance is a quality of adaptability. Thus human personality types in adversity, even by stressors, will become more promiscuous. we are attempting to overcome what artificial environment or natural has placed before us.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

Challenge in the environment you speak of is a change in the environment.

A hybridized plant works great for one generation, but when changes arrive to the environment, the hybridization constricts the needed variance for a quality adaptation. So, in the long run, because of inevitable change, hybridization can create a bottle-neck if proliferated in use too much.

But a land race will occur where subsequent challenges have not been issued.

I don't get that, unless it is used as a hypothetical. Yes, you are using it that way. Maybe not...I can take that a number of ways. (Sounds like it may be a jab at 'per-arranged' marriage 'cultures' - for lack of a better word - type of thing)

Our own high number of variances in human personality types is because we are trying to overcome our self created artificial environment, and the natural ones, that are changing.

So, this challenge that is coming (or that is here, but is accelerating) is in the non-material aspects as well.
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