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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
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Thread: The Law of Complexity/Consciousness and Its Manifestation into the Collective
"The more complex a being is, so our Scale of Complexity tells us, the more it is centered upon itself and therefore the more aware does it become. In other words, the higher the degree of complexity in a living creature, the higher its consciousness; and vice versa. The two properties vary in parallel and simultaneously. If we depict them in diagrammatic form, they are equivalent and interchangeable." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Future of Man , p.111

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , a Jesuit priest and French philosopher, lived during the turning of the 20th century. He developed an eschatological concept which he termed The Omega Point. The Omega Point is the non-duality point in which society, due to the nature of what he calls the complexifying of the universe, transcends and the soul of mankind is not hidden from us anymore. His Law of Complexity/Consciousness says that the universe is always heading towards further physical and mental complexities.

Mankind experiences this law through our construct of human socialization. Through increasingly complex methods of transmitting information and communications with each other, we are increasing the complexity of our collective conscious. This unseen collective conscious is the surrounding sphere of human thought, the noosphere, of the human race. At a certain point, the complexity of the collective conscious will evolve to the complexity of the single individual's conscious. Our collective consciousness will then have the ability to reflect upon itself, the prime ingredient for complex energies in the third dimension to become aware of itself. I think therefore I am. This is the moment of the Omega Point.

When the Omega Point (the Omega Point refers to the event, it is not the actual manifestation of the event) occurs in humankind, our newly formed collective conscious able to reflect upon itself, will not take the form of some abstract, nonpersonalized entity. Instead, it will be more personalized though still of the reflective collective conscious. It will be the event of mankind's transcendence; the birth of the Divine Human. The Omega Point is the place in time where our conscious spirit finally descends into our biological clothed matter. Imagine, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin theory of the Omega Point was written at a time before telephone, radio, television, computers, etc. This was unfortunate because he had not counted on technology being exponential in growth, as explained by Vernor Vinge's Technological Singularity and expanded upon in Ray Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin predicted that the Omega Point was still millions of years out for humankind. I am sure he would have revised his timeframe if he had ever witnessed the invention of the computer!
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