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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Attila the Hun: I thought that the War God had refused me a sign, but I was wrong. What better sign than an enemy prepared to fight? »

Attila the Hun: Trickery and deceit. That is the way of the Romans, not of the Huns.
Flavius Aetius: Yes, but which way rules the world? »

Attila the Hun: You Romans play with kings and nations as a child plays with toys.
Flavius Aetius: I go back to Rome soon. Come with me, and learn how the world is ruled. Find out if Rome really does play with nations as though they were toys. There is no-one like you in Rome, and no-one like me here. You and I can do great things together.
Attila the Hun: If we don't kill each other first. »

Bleda: Rua died without issue. I am the elder son of his brother, and so am rightfully king.
Attila the Hun: To what purpose? To fight in the service of Rome or some other nation?
Bleda: We will live as Huns have always lived. What else should we do?
Attila the Hun: We should rule the world! »

Flavius Aetius: (about Attila) "A few more like him, and Rome could conquer the world all over again." »

Flavius Aetius: Civilized men are easy to conquer, but civilization still belongs to the civilized, not the barbarians.
Attila the Hun: It belongs to whoever is strong enough to take it. »

Flavius Aetius: Let's make a bargain here and now, a treaty of peace between your people and mine.
Attila the Hun: I think that's the first sign of weakness I've seen you show." »

Honoria: Don't worry, he'll be out of them soon enough. »

Honoria: I say that if a woman can only have power through a man, then let it be with the most powerful man she can find. »

Placidia: Actius, you told me that if Attila attacked the West it would be on your head, do you begin to feel the WEIGHT? »

Young Attila: Kneel
Young Attila: Submit to me and live. »
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