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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Out of the clouds and into the dirt. Same processes, different perspectives. As on high, electrical charges coalesce, balance and dissipate. Instead of gases and static; we have mineral solids and more consistent fields.

Soil constituents play a large part in neutralizing or charging environments. Protons are acidic or acid. Electrons are bitter or alkaline. As hydrogen is a charged solvent, it plays a major factor in the metabolizing or catabolizing of soil constituents.

Plants, due to their inability to move, rely on the static nature of environment to fulfil their functions and have complex systems to neutralize their environment.

We as people, with the ability to move, are more beholden to choice or environment. If homeostasis is challenged by alka- or acidosis; We must rely on available foodstuffs to play a role in balancing neutral.

With the prevalence of meats, sugars and salts. A literal bipole war is being waged, not only with homeostatic function but with the field we generate superfluous to them.

The yin yan is indicative of the thin line of neutral and it's importance. The scattered or consistently recalibrating mind is the visual metaphor of strife. It also undermines intent and harmony on the basic level; As it is the doorway to stress and dissolution and the clamouring for external salvations.
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