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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content
The endtimes are a great marketing ploy. Not since 1666 and the raging of the plague have the monolithic institutions of the earth seen a clamouring of the unwashed for salvation.

is it any wonder the wars on terrorism and drugs have amped up a notch to stop people from intellectually wandering far from the fold??

The counter reformation is never what you think it is.

Politically and strategically the Israeli's/Judaics have been put in a catch 22 situation and the hornets nest of radical Islam has been stirred accordingly.

Cui Bono?

Cue monty python skit: No one expects the inquisition.

 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

The end times are the whole reason for the game and why we are here.

Maybe it is the Holy Grail? LOL...

Tis why the brotherhood holds St John and his end time revelations are held such high esteem.

St  John the Bap

A one world order ruled by the wise ones who have earned the rite by laying the foundation stone

Beda First Stone

via winning the game that we now know as the 6th age in order to place the cap.

Our time has com
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