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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The eternal dance of moon and sun

Acolmiztli has Huitzilopochtli on the run

Mictlan ejects her favored son

Quetzalcoatl plumed and plumb

Morningstar reflects the change

The world awakens from Tezcatlipoca deranged

Smoking mirrors to reflections hue

Evening Star divides the two

Chronos is set askew

This is a poem reflective of a change between Lunar and Solar time and the transit of venus on June 6th, 2012. The Aztec system is reflective of 13 (trecena) changes between the forces of light (7 days) and darkness(6 nights) cycled through a 20 day (uinal) sacred system to create a 260 day wave/harmonic cycle (tzolkin).

There is also a 360 day calendar reflective of the 29.5 Lunar cycle. Time in the Lunar calendar was reflective of the organic tidal/cyclical nature . This was superceded by the solar calendar and the 365.25 day cycle of the sun. The quantitative measure consumed the qualitative harmonic.

It also manifested itself in the way we categorize and value time by unit analytical measure and not the gestalt of organic change. Man was summarily removed from the system and the incremental machine took hold.

On june 6th we see the first stirrings of the rise of Quetzalcoatal; who is associated with the morningstar (Venus). He stands as a god of reflection and accord taking the place of Tezcatlipoca and the smoking mirror of discord.

The significance harkens to a change not only of how man collects and signifies time; But, perhaps how he relates or returns to a terra centric view of the world.
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