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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The statues of Egypt have a peculiarity. They depict a nesting of an identical smaller statue at the feet of it's gigantic twin. This is not ubiquitos, but rather common. It is an example of the phenomenology of Ra.

The foot or feet of the smaller nested represents the heel of Ra ; Our rooting in the Material. The aura and it's subsequent emanation are known as the double or the ego which dies with you. It is the portion of mind which is cautious (ka). Both are teachings of the lower kingdom (aspect) of Egypts mystery schools. Isis

Beyond the Ka, lies the Ba. The astral soul or soul which is freed upon death. It is the metaphorical dionysian soul rooted in the carefree and heroic. This soul is often associated with Nephthys. An alternate name is the black virgin.

The Saha or spiritual body is representative of the 14 pieces of Osiris. The quest for wholeness and divinity and the aspect of these drives.

Set is seen as a spiral or kundalini energy which cycles between the generative aspect of Isis and the implied duality of Nephthys. He is the primary rising and falling tonal aspect.

The Divine soul body is implied as always existing but unable to exert any influence on it's lesser aspects.

Horus the younger represents the psycho spiritual presence.Horus the elder represents the divine kha and acts as a guide to man. Horus Set represents the union of self conciousness and self centeredness in the individual.

Anubis, the opener of the Apuat, represents the psycho spiritual heart centeredness of the individual; As the smaller Jackal apuat represents the spiritual memory or intuition.

This is as much a psychological construct of all the forces present in the individual, as it is an exploration of the realms of spirituality. It manifests the four higher forms and conciousnesses of Dharma (higher sense of purpose). Karma, the individuated sense of duty. Self sacrifice and the drive for self exploration and expression of common and Individual goals.

A thanks to the theosophical society and it's many contributors.
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