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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So many are calling for a return to dead letters and a bipolar god of constants enforcing his rules or rising us to the level supermen and clones to enforce behavioral norms and godliness.

This defeats the purposes of self exploration, creativity and potentials. What are the highest highs without the ragged, cutting lows. What is love but self indulgence without understanding and the ability to mediate and find connection; Only for impermanance and doubt to rend it asunder into the dirt and detritius and allow new eyes and new generations a chance to put it together in their way; Perhaps a better way, but impermanent and mutable as previously.

If there is no dying and no death, except in the maya of self delusion; How could a god that was not a rabid psychopath not smile at the effort and industriousness of his emanations, no matter how self involved or imperfect.

Even the Kali Yuga addresses the need for this sliding scale of polarity within god. As with seasons, the yugas are seperated into 1250 year quadrants that harmonically weave between absolute godless immorality and a moral purity and surety. Both are predicated by their opposite in absolute chaos and absolute order.

The golden age manifests with the literal embodiment of gods on earth and obviously necessitates belief. As each age passes to silver and bronze to Iron, the gods fade and absolute law fades without the surety of just rulers.

It is all a manifestation of man needing to interpret and to be left as a child to grow into that which ones heart calls.

Even in reality as myth we will get what our hearts yearn for.

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