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Message Subject How the Illuminati Really Began.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As Venus transits, we will be preparing to enter the void, the galactic ecliptic. The Hawk will be set to flight and the snake once again loosed on the forest floor. The smoke will cease from the mirror and reflecting will once again be possible.

Gods of war and fire will be replaced by the cool of evening and the reflecting pools. Instinct and fear will ebb to the tides of self searching. Drums of primal jungle reignited interpreting the sheet music which is time.

Rivers will flow to the city intermingling the tones and beats into a new arrangement of sun and moon. The water will sing telling us of the new potential conciousness as rains bring alien patterns freed to mingle with the plants.

The plants will interpret these signals and bend in patterns to show us the significance of the low growling of conciousness being birthed.

Devas and daemons
Lha and Dre
Lwa, Tao

Show the way
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

God, you can write Dionysian. I know that a lot of people are dreaming that scenario right now.
 Quoting: SickScent

I first became interested in the Mayan/Azteca ideas while backpacking through Mexico and Central America in the late 80's. Being of your generation, we didn't have the censorship of media we have today and while all of the ideas we are discussing today still lay in the occult section.

I remember envisioning the snake emanating from the step ridges of the Grand pyramid at Chichen Itza and the steps so high you'd wonder how people so small could have ceremonially strode them. The effect of such precipitous sides is that it seems that the top of the pyramid is levitating while you look over.

Back in those days, much was still undergoing excavation from the jungles and the pyramid of the wizard at Tikal was often closed. Even the border points entering Guatemala were seldom manned. But damn, could you get in trouble driving the Contrabandito corridor between Los mochis and Culiacan.

It's amazing how far away it all seems now and how close we are to potent potentialities.

And thank you for helping to stir up these Ideas.
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