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Message Subject Swerdlow just said live, Japanese illuminati, Nazis under Antarctica, and Kuper Belt Aliens are TEAMING UP, to take out the illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was a speaker at the Global Science Congress, in Florida in the mid-late 90s, which is not long after Swerdlow came out of jail and reinvented himself.

In a closed meeting of speakers only, where all the 20 or so speakers stood up and told us who they were, and what they were going to talk about, Swerdlow told us his story.

He told the stunned group of speakers, that he had been in jail, and that the CIA had identified him as one of the most powerful psychics on the planet. He claimed they came to him in jail and let him out on the condition that he helped them in their 'experiments'.

Swerdlow told us that he was taken to a secret facility at Montauk and that he was used to sodomize to death, hundreds and hundreds of kidnapped young boys (mostly streetkids and orphans). He told us that the 'energy' from this activity was harnessed via some sort of 'chair' and used to open portals, through which demons and aliens could be contacted.

He doesn't like people knowing this part of his 'history' nowadays, but that is what he told us back then.

At this same conference, Al Bielek told me that Swerdlow approached him, asking him to 'modify' his Philadelphia Experiment story to include being at Montauk and seeing Swerdlow. Bielek was outraged that Swerdlow was such a liar. At least Al Bielek believed his own story, whereas it was obvious that Swerdlow just made up what people wanted to hear.

Soon afterwards, Peter Moon got hold of Swerdlow, and his tales became even more outrageous - which was great for selling books.

And then came the period when Swerdlow became a 'famous psychic' - one who left a trail of financially burnt rich new age women who took sympathy on poor Stewart being used so harshly - and who Swerdlow took money from until they had none left.

For those who think I am making this up, this is Swerdlow's prison details:

Federal Inmate Locator - from 1982 to present

Register #: 29938-053
Age-Race-Sex: 54-White-M
Release Date: 08-18-1994
Location: RELEASED Victoria

The guy is a known and convicted con man and fraud. Everything he has claimed about Montauk was fabricated after he watched videos of Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek. He pretends to have psychic powers, and it costs you a lot of money to find out that he doesn't.

It is all bullshit - so please don't give this fraud any extra free advertising!
 Quoting: nexuseditor

you are probably right, but i have heard from other sources that swerdlow really was at montauk , al beliak has said some crazy shit to, why should i believe him ? do you know al beliek said the UFO at the 1984 closing ceremony olympics was a REAL UFO ? could be, but sounds pretty wild. and just because swerdlow was in jail, that doesn't prove anything, because they jail alot of truth tellers all the time, fritz springmeirer comes to mind.

i dont trust swerdlow, but he does have some very interesting information, and he is a very intelligent man, so i have no problem reading the things he has to say, i personally think he is some kind of agent working for some mysterious organization, just go look at how he globtrots the planet

i find it quite ironic that you say 'dont give this fraudster any free advertising' when your magazine gives fraudsters free advertising every fucking day lol, dont get me wrong i like your mag sometimes, but you promote so many fraudsters and wackjobs all the time and to say something like that is quite amusing
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