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Subject Eyesight & Blurry Vision - How are we really meant to see the world?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Without contact lenses/glasses, my vision is quite blurry. I would miss being able to see gorgeous scenery through crisp and perfect vision... however, I have often wondered:

How are we really meant to see the world? Obviously, corrective lenses like the ones we have today are a relatively new invention. So then, are we meant to see the world with our own natural vision, blurry (or clear) as it may be?

Did our ancestors have better vision than we do today, or were they merely accustomed to getting through life with blurry vision?

What is the significance of our different visual conditions? Some people are 20/20, while others aren't even close, and get blurrier as the years progress. What purpose do our natural visual states serve, and are we really better off 'correcting' our vision? 2000 years ago, we didn't have to see clearly so we could drive cars, or read signs, etc. Is 'correcting' our vision just another hinderance to our natural state of being?

Are there any known natural cures/enhancements for blurry vision? If we are supposed to see in our natural ways, then why doesn't everyone have perfectly clear vision? Is there some kind of deeper meaning behind blurry vision, and having to get up close to see things properly?

Any thoughts, ideas, stories, facts, tips, or suggestions?

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