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People who wait for some kind of savior...

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1450913
United States
01/13/2012 03:06 PM
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Re: People who wait for some kind of savior...

I never said anything about doing nothing. Curious that you mentioned it though.

So let me see if I got this right--you believe in a savior but are not waiting for it/him/her?
 Quoting: SecondPrecession

Your original post impies that anyone who believes in a savior does nothing for themselves or other.

Maybe I just didn't see it how you meant it.

As for your question, I am not sure what you mean, please clarify and I will be happy to answer.
 Quoting: Evan03

No, disempowerment doesn't necessarily mean inactive.

You claim to believe in a savior--someone to save you, right?

I would assume this is Jesus for you?

Are you waiting on him to come and save you?
 Quoting: SecondPrecession

No, he has already saved me.

I also don't consider it disempowerment. I have to work on making myself a better person everyday, I strive to be like Christ, to me that is the opposite of disempowerment.
 Quoting: Evan03

So, if you're not waiting on a savior then how does this thread apply to you?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2566322
United States
01/13/2012 03:13 PM
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Re: People who wait for some kind of savior...

As a Christian I believe in my Creator. I believe the He is Almighty and Wise enough to create the natural world we live in and that it was once perfect until humans began to destroy it.

My trust and faith is not in humanity, as experience and history has shown us that man fails. Instead my faith is in the one who created perfection. My trust is in Him and His Son, that He *saves* us from the filth this world has become. My faith is that He will restore it to it's original beauty and those who believe this will experience it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2566322

You know, I think it's a sad shame that humans believe they are so filthy and damaged.

It is completely disempowering.
 Quoting: SecondPrecession

Humans cannot create anything as superior to what the Lord has created. From stars, planets, galaxies to our own earth, the oceans, the moon the fertile land. The beautiful creation of life in the womb. Nature is so beautiful and perfect...well at least it was. God put man in charge of taking care of this earth...do you think we've done a good job?

No, we haven't, we destroyed it. There is no other way around it girl. I can empower myself by submitting to the Higher Power that created me and everything in this universe. The one who created it is the one who can purify it.

Any power that you think you or man can have is drastically inferior to the one who Created YOU and all of US and this very existance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2566322

How can it be destroyed when it is still here and sustaining us?

I thought we were made in the likeness of Creator? You know, the way a drop of water from the ocean shares in all the same attributes but not exactly the same magnitude as the ocean.

Are you telling me that we are made in this likeness and yet unable to create?

That seems very disempowering.
 Quoting: SecondPrecession

Ok, not completely destroyed, but it is not sustaining ALL of us on earth. Our global food supply is seriously lacking in nutritional value and mostly radioactive.

I agree that we are made in the likeness of the Creator and angels. But He gave us His creation: Earth. He did no make us so that we can create...besides man's inventions are imperfect and abominations that hurt us more than they help us.

The empowerment is that He gave us the earth, ocean, land, animals and sea creatures. Those were our responsibility to take care of, be productive so that the world CAN sustain humanity. But we've not accomplished that as the majority of the world is poor and starving.

Therefore we dis-empowered ourselves by disobeying our Creator.

Furthermore, I am empowered because I accept His promise of eternal life.
Daniel's Seventieth Seven
User ID: 5162846
United States
01/13/2012 03:32 PM
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Re: People who wait for some kind of savior...
You are not helping anyone, least of all yourselves.

 Quoting: SecondPrecession


So you're here to save people?

From themselves?

Why does this bother you so much?



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