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Message Subject Witness who saw Queen kidnap 10 children in Canada in 1964, was Commited to a Hospital, then suddendly Dies, He was to Testify Sept 12 2011 in UK
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This kind of gore just saddens me all the more about this evil sick f'd up world

I grew up in a very positive nice house; pretty decent childhood...

As a young adult, I began to be interested in conspiracy due to things that happened in early youth....

Now, as an adult, my eyes are opened that this world is a really really sick messed up fu**** place

that I had no idea was THIS bad 10 or so years ago

NOW however, I realize we

are NOT nor never have really lived in a civilized normal world

It ONLY appears as such due to our technology and this is all

We, as as species, is very very very evil

The first thing I will ask GOD when I get to heaven or at least when I am standing in front of HIS presence is:

Why in G_ds name did you allow any so called human to live after the flood?
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