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Message Subject Witness who saw Queen kidnap 10 children in Canada in 1964, was Commited to a Hospital, then suddendly Dies, He was to Testify Sept 12 2011 in UK
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The level of evil in those in power is far beyond the imagination of the majority of people. Even with absolute proof, they would not comprehend nor believe out of fear.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8758294

this dimension is run by fear, the elite are owned by astral demons who feed off fear and pain and suffering, hence the reason for the kidnapping/rituals/sex with children

out of all the trillions of planets and realities out there, we ended up in the most fucked up one imaginable
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7084009

I suspect their is some truth to what you are saying. I battled with a spirit of lust for many years until I realized it was feeding off me. Then I cut it off and it went away.

Do you have any idea of why/how they feed off us? I can't understand this and I am quite interested in your opinion but I suspect it to be a fact in my case and it totally baffles me ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8799383

how they feed off of us, through negative emotions, any negativity, fear, pain , suffering depression, anxiety.

the astral demons are addicted to the energies they can get from this dimension. and the astral demons even being lower dimensional skum, have more knowledge of this universe then we do living in physical reality and having amnesia of our multidimensional infinite souls

Drug addicts and alcoholics, porn addicts are conduits for these demons

The illuminati at the very top of the pyramid is possessed by these demons, and they are conjured and appeased during rituals, the demons and illuminati elite are addicted to the energies the gain during rituals and sacrifice, blood drinking, the adrenaline through the blood, it's not fun to talk about , but im giving you the truth. The top level satanic illumianti, Their favorite thing to do is torture a child then slit its tendons and drink the adrenaline filled blood, it's a high to them

i hate talking about this stuff and wish it didnt exist, but it does and we must deal with it because if we dont, it will never stop.
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