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Subject Illuminati earthquakes and tsunamis
Poster Handle Truthnow
Post Content
Masons headed by th eu nobility have buried nukes all over the world and are blackmailing all governments to dance to their tune, they cannot retaliate as the cowards make the strikes look like earthquakes and tsunamis. As in Japan, Haiti, etc. so many die and no one can strike back. They are filthy cowards but what else could you expect from those who murder children and drink their blood. Interesting to note that the British royal family have porphyria. This does not disappear but you can be healthy if you drink human blood. Anyone related to queen Victoria could have it. So a blood cult is a good way to get a fix, and many others would join in. You can see as those who do not have porphyria, or who take too much, get very thick necks, probably from the growth hormones they ingest. These guys are mad. So next time you see an earthquake or tsunami, look closer and note the date.
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