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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY23abE
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I like how this thread is weaving.


Btw - I have been to the truck stop in E. St Louis and the area is in deep disrepair similar to W. Memphis on the other side of I-40.
 Quoting: a student of Protean thought

Interesting. I was going to post this at some point so I guess now is as good a time as any. This was posted by a member named HHH on a thread I started called "who is the nobody?".

So here is a minor clue poster. At this time you are located due North of the Nobody. Coincidentally this same geo-spatial relationship can be observed on the opposite sides of these two respective states at two separate locales, those being Memphis and St. Louis. 

There are two significant structures being utilized in the current realignment of the grids which are located at these two destinations, those being the St. Louis Arch (i.e. "single arch") and the Memphis Bridge (i.e. "double arch" also being utilized as the “M” or the "13"). You might say that these are two of many significant anchor points being used to transmute and distribute particular energy streams. Mind you, in this case these are ‘un-natural’ (or control) streams, versus ‘natural’ streams. 

Each of these artifacts has significant historical value. Each has important symbolic connotations as well. Each also provides a specific functional value. One is a destination (for instance) the other leads to a destination. One is monolithic, the other is composite. One has multiple rectilinear (component) cross-sections, the other has a singular triangulated cross-section. One transports vertically, the other horizontally. One transports internally, the other externally. One is open, the other is closed. One moves
people, the other machines. One moves about the ground plane, the other transports from beneath the ground plane (subterranean) to up above this plane. One has an elevation that is based on the circle (or actually arc), the other uses an ellipse as a basis for design. 

To the East of these landmarks you have two states (Arkansas and Missouri). To the West of these sites you have three, Illinois and Tennessee split by Kentucky. The Memphis Bridge runs East/West with views to the North and South. The St. Louis Arch spans North South with views to the East and to the West. ,On has two base points, the other has three. One is located on land, the other connects the land and spans water. Each also bears certain historical and contextual cues worth noting such as the Cahokia Mounds (Native American) vs. the Desoto Mounds (Spanish). The pyramid (Egypt) would be another good example. What else connects these two locations? The Mississippi River for starters.

Try taking a moment to focus (present) and reflect (past) on these two unique locations in order to establish (future) what you consider to be of significance regarding these particular 'relationships'. In the case that you have visited both places, reflect on those experiences as well. Think of things that I haven’t mentioned also. Also, try to think in a non-conventional way. Consider both the literal and abstract meanings of these places, these objects. Also consider these things in both physical and non-physical terms. 

There is a reason I am asking you to do this btw (and no, it is not a trick). In contemplating such relationships you will typically find that at some level numeric identifiers and patterns emerge. Consider opposites, multiples, and sequences also. These four points I mention also form a parallelogram. In this case the inherent angles of this shape are of particular importance

Another way to explore such items is through the deciphering of language (which is a huge topic unto itself which I’ll try to discuss later). For instance, in this example we have ST/LOU/IS and MEM/PHI/S. This breaks down even further and presents further clues. For instance “Mem” is the thirteenth letter of many Semitic scripts and is derived from the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water. Phi is symbolic of the golden ratio and in Greek numerals has a value of 500. As with most words, anagrams and gematria may also reveal certain clues, values, and hidden relationships.

I’m not trying to be annoyingly cryptic btw, but rather attempting to illustrate one way our 3D reality manifests and how some of these sublime factors come together to influence us and the things around us. This is just an example of course. With practice it becomes much easier to see the paths around us in which energies are circulated. With this awareness it becomes easier to control these forces. Such an awareness naturally has the power to eliminate certain negative influences which exist beyond our perception.

Now, what if you were to focus your thoughts and apply intent to the example above? What if a hundred (or even a million) people were to do the same? Would it amount to anything? Would any such effect actually manifest? And would it do so in the future or could it actually manifest in the past? 

What if this exercise were applied to an even larger area or to other levels of existence altogether? Could we collectively over-ride the negative patterns and constructs that have been put in place by the Dark? Could we literally dissolve the nets that were cast in order to bind us? What do you
think they are so afraid of? I am presenting this as an exercise to open certain pathways. 

You see the world says look at these objects…here is a building and over there is a rock. We must all begin seeing beyond the “objects” by looking at the relationships that exist in-between. If you want to change the exterior, start first by modifying and compelling the interior, or as they say “Change starts within”. See past the false dichotomies. As an example, politics (poly tics) like most paradigms and control mechanisms are deceptively divided into the left and the right (a two-dimensional platform).

Technically all of Congress should be crammed into one long pew which is situated on one side of the isle. This side would constitute minor variations of the exact same thing…such as war, control, finance, limitation, and the lack of personal sovereignty. This would free up half of Congress for its natural “opponent” which would represent the people, our interests, and the environment (rather than the Corporation and its often-nefarious agendas).

Consider Masaru Emoto’s studies of the water molecule and how positive intent is literally capable of altering physical structure. Also, do not underestimate how many Universal answers can be found in the results of this very simple study. Consider how these perfect structures may then further bind together to increase in influence, and how such an influence could attract even higher levels of perfection which would result in a far more natural order. Also realize how such a practice, if widely applied, could effectively diminish the darker influences by ultimately squeezing them out. Less negativity = less food (or loosh if you will) It’s powerful stuff! 
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