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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle ThreshingSword
Post Content
Im not trying to be annoyingly cryptic btw, but rather attempting to illustrate one way our 3D reality manifests and how some of these sublime factors come together to influence us and the things around us. This is just an example of course. With practice it becomes much easier to see the paths around us in which energies are circulated. With this awareness it becomes easier to control these forces. Such an awareness naturally has the power to eliminate certain negative influences which exist beyond our perception.

Now, what if you were to focus your thoughts and apply intent to the example above? What if a hundred (or even a million) people were to do the same? Would it amount to anything? Would any such effect actually manifest? And would it do so in the future or could it actually manifest in the past? 

What if this exercise were applied to an even larger area or to other levels of existence altogether? Could we collectively over-ride the negative patterns and constructs that have been put in place by the Dark? Could we literally dissolve the nets that were cast in order to bind us? What do you think they are so afraid of? I am presenting this as an exercise to open certain pathways. 

 Quoting: a student of Protean thought

What he's explaining above is Witchcraft 101. I'm sorry, but what he's up against are those who are gurus compared to his kindergarten magick.
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