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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY23abE
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Ley lines
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1554286

what i know about the lay line is that they are a powerful source. At Cahokia mounds where the lines lay are. As far as I know there was never a body found there or any shootings. the citys that are around them are washington park, national city, state park and granite city. the citys are very poor, and bad to walk in to. even the police are not to be trusted. but if you take a 1 mile circle around the mounds area it is safe to be in. i would never walk down when stairs when i got to the top of it. i am scared of heights. i think the united nations own the mounds but i am not for sure. I never did like that area. or even the granite city area. i have been sick with copd since i was a kid. it is a rare form. i say it is from the steel mills. but they would never admit to it. people in granite city age real fast and don't look right. i know alot of it is from the drugs but, i will say that the metal flakes that fly though the air in granite city has something to do with it too. i started comming to the ozarks on vacations in 1988. and there is something here that draws you here. it make you feel as if you are home and to never look back. you feel comfortable down here. i will never go back to granite again.
 Quoting: forshell44

Very interesting perspective and it makes total sense. I'm just curious about one minor thing you mentioned. So did you say it was or wasn't a big deal going down monks mound steps with your fear of heights?

I have always been very very skeptical of granite city for some reason.
 Quoting: YOUCITY23 1554286

i will walk up the mounds but not down i am scared of heights.. why r u skeptical of gc? i mean does it scare you? or are there unanswer questions you are wondering about the area? i lived by kp for 28 years. and i am a women and 35 yrs old. for those that are wondering. cause some one said he or she. there is a drug going around granite now and it is called herion. it is killing people like crazy down there. i have never seen a drug kill people like this stuff is now. granite city was on nightly news a month ago because of the herion use. i seen many people die over the years of overdose but not like this stuff is doing. do you see at what i am saying.
 Quoting: forshell44

I am not scared of GC but it just gives me bad vibes. You on the other hand give me good vibes. I understand far to well what you said about so many people overdosing or dying from heroin. It is getting really really bad. Granite city is next to East st.louis of course but it's also not to far from Chicago and right now on the West side of Chicago the are sellimg heroin on every corner like its a kids lemonade stand! Every day! For the past 3 years! It's always been easy to get heroin in Chi town but not like it is today! Don't get me wrong either , this isn't going on just only in Chicago. This had to be planned by the way. TPTB planned on making this drug money not to mention the effects it has in certain people , myself included, DOUBLE WHAMMY! MONEY & a SLAVE ! Seriously , the war and the heroin was part of the plan from the beggining. I've been clean since 11/20/11. Not that long really but I could see what was happening around me and I know what I have to do and what has to be done.
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