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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
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The Cahokia mounds are located in and around Cahokia IL which is just across the river from St.louis, which was once known as mound city. Even today you can find earth mounds in St.louis. Cahokia Illinois was once the center of trade & knowledge and Probobly just about everything else in north America for hundreds of years. The is a researcher named Chad Stemeke who has uncovered lots of interesting things about Cahokia "City of the Sun" and he has some fascinating theories about what he's found. Ive coresponded with Chad through email many times and he seems to be a very genuine kind hearted person who is just searching for truth and knowledge like the rest of us , basically on the journey. I will post a link to his site and post some of his work.

An entire ancient urban center aligned and correlated to the heavens, a scenario that peaks both our curiosity and wonder! In the heartland of America, Cahokia’s ancient majestic mounds and plazas mark the four cardinal directions, “a reflection of the cosmos”.(3) The largest of the mounds at Cahokia is the majestic Monks Mound. Monks Mound and several of the Plazas are aligned to the four cardinal directions and there are also several mounds in alignment with the spring and winter solstices. Author Sally Kitt Chappel points out, “With its plazas aligned on the cardinal directions and the mound of greatest height at the crossing of the plazas, it is clear that Cahokia is a landscape cosmogram.”(4)
Perceivably what the Cahokian’s have done is to create a four part horizontal division of the world (north, east, south, and west) while at the same time creating a three part vertical sub-division into (the lower world, this world, and the heavens above). The Cahokia Mound site is a seven layered “cosmogram”!

 Quoting: YOUCITY23 1554286

Wikipedia - Woodhenge
Woodhenge, a circle of posts used to make astronomical sightings, stood to the west of Monk's Mound. Archaeologists discovered Woodhenge during excavation of the site and noted that the placement of posts marked solstices and equinoxes, like its namesake, Stonehenge.[12][13] Detailed analytical work supports the hypothesis that the placement of these posts was by design.[14] The structure was rebuilt several times during the urban center's roughly 300-year history. Evidence of another Woodhenge was discovered near Mound 72, to the south of Monks Mound.
According to Chappell, "A beaker[15] found in a pit near the winter solstice post bore a circle and cross symbol that for many Native Americans symbolizes the Earth and the four cardinal directions. Radiating lines probably symbolized the sun, as they have in countless other civilizations."[16] (Cahokia's Woodhenge is not to be confused with another site of the same name that exists in the United Kingdom). The woodhenges were significant to the timing of the agricultural cycle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1554286

For those of you who don't know , the article I copied dosnt say , but the wooden posts that were used in the Woodhedge circle were made of cedar. I found a very interesting question about a weird weather anomalie that happens near Woodhedge. I never heard this before but I think it's a very interesting question that I would love to explore it more. might start a thread if I don't get any responses here.

"One peculiar scenario that has apparently taken place for hundreds, maybe thousands of years is an unusual amount of lightning strikes within the Woodhenge. Archeologist have discovered that several of the Red Cedar post have been replaced due to frequent lightning strikes.
This could imply that this sacred site may contain unusual amounts electromagnetic energies. In 1980, the central observer's post (cosmic axis) was struck by lightning and shattered while the Winter Solstice post also shows signs of lightning damage.(10)"

If you have any theories at all about the unusual amount of lightning please share them!
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