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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY23abE
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God is forming the universe with a compass in his hand. The Middle Ages thought geometry and astronomy were divine gifts from God. Saint Louis IX had more bibles made as gifts to his relatives. Each Bible,Psalter, and Book of Hours are illuminations which are pictures that teach a lesson. Freemasons have many references to the Templars of the Crusades in their rituals and they use the symbol of the  Golden Compass as their symbol for God as the Great Architect. It is looking at these Bibles and manuscripts in the past held by Saint Louis IX as his family that we see the possibility that secret knowledge came from the Holy Land. The Bible of Saint Louis was commissioned by the Royal family and not  Rome. Saint Louis brought back from Mount Carmel hermits to reside in Paris. Mount Carmel is a sacred place where it is said Pythagoras visited. Pythagoras brought us geometry of the Pythagorean theory. Saint Louis seems to been aware of Mount Carmel sacredness with its connection with the great mathematician.  The Freemasons knowledge may have something to do with knowledge handed down from the Crusades such as Saint Louis. The symbol of the Golden Compass as the instrument of the Great Architect goes way back as the Bible of Saint Louis shows.
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