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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Check out Cairo,IL.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1386821

Wikipedia - Southern Illinois [link to en.wikipedia.org]
Southern Illinois (most of which is known as "Little Egypt" or "Egypt") is the southern third of the state of Illinois. With the area code 618, the southern part of Illinois is geographically, culturally, and economically distinct from the rest of the state. The region is surrounded on three out of four sides by the most voluminous rivers in the United States, the Wabash and Ohio rivers to the east and south, and the Mississippi River and its connecting Missouri River to the west.

One thing I find really interesting is that Wikipedia made it a point to mention the area code. It's actually the very first thing it says! I find this interesting because of the number itself , 618.
 Quoting: YOUCITY 1554286

618 is the number of years "between" the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD and the construction "start date" of the "Dome" 688 AD, that covers the "Foundation Stone" in Jerusalem.

:dome of the rock:

Then you can count 1260 anniversary days from 688 AD to the creation of the state of Israel...
Time,Time and half a time..

It's linked to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy basically..
 Quoting: Alesiah

I actually just got done reading something about the Gateway Arch and it's foundation along with information about its corner stone and key stone in relation to the cosmos

The foundation concrete began flowing on June 17, 1962.  On this day a full moon at 0.999 phase rose over St. Louis, meaning that the Moon and Sun were on the ASC and DSC simultaneously, suggesting yet another arch motif in a classic astrology wheel:

Luna is also conjunct the Galactic Center, located at 26º20' tropical Sagittarius; naturally, the Sun is exactly opposite this point at 26º20' Gemini, or the Galactic "Anti-center," and thus another symboilic allusion to the base of an arch, but this time a galactic one.  We will find that Luna again conjoins the Galactic Center when the keystone is inserted 1,229 days later.

The Cornerstone

The Gateway Arch has a cornerstone, but it does not lie in the corner, and it is not a stone.  Instead, the first of the 142 steel sections placed on the foundation serves as the de facto cornerstone of this monument.  It was placed on February 12, 1963, and is the base of the south leg.  February 12 is near the date that the Sun rises perpendicularly to the Arch, as shown above.  We find another remarkable mundane square as well.  Venus co-culminates with Vega as the Moon sets as it crosses Azimuth 270°:

The Keystone

Classical arches had keystones, resulting in an odd number of courses, or layers of stone, in the arch.  The Gateway Arch is dissimilar from that design, however, with an even with 71, and a total of 142 segments.  Therefore, there is no "keystone" as in the traditional sense, however, we can envision a symbolic place where the keystone would normally be installed, the 72nd course, to be the keystone.  The 142nd and final section of the Arch was hoisted into place on October 28, 1965, in the morning.

On this date, the Moon returned to a conjunction with the Galactic Center, just as it had been on the date of the foundation.

BUT, the real punch line to this entire plan is the midpoint in time of both the February 12 cornerstone and the October 28 keystone: June 21, 1964.  Just as the center of the Royal Arch is the astrological sign of Cancer, so is the center of the Gateway Arch's assembly the Cancer ingress of 1964.

[link to edkohout.com]
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