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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

i ended up in stl last september, after practically stumbling into a job here through a transfer that i wasn't even sure i wanted. the first round of synchronicity came when i was using God's calculator from the Armageddon conspiracy website and found that my name is a perfect 360/666, and not anyone else's name i put in it came up to that. then i discovered the the miles between where i came from and st. louis is 666.47 miles! that's 666/4+7=11

anyway, i have been seeing 11's for years and within the last year i had begun seeing 9's.....the place i chose to live in here in stl is 4203......9

i hadn't been on a mixtape website in years...discovered an album that touched my heart but this singer named aaron lefette...the album is name "The Transition"

Let me also add that before and since i've been here (it recently ended) i was going through this...

[link to kundalini-teacher.com]

my spirituality has become a big deal to me now and i feel that i have made incredible progress, and have even sworn off working in offices to pursue my passion and art, which involved public speaking.

anyway, st. louis has been the catalyst for some VERY significant changes in my life and this thread is only more confirmation, thanks!
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