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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
OP, can you wonder why the Mormon's who lived in Missouri and Illinois before they were forced to leave, would kill a wagon train full of families from Arkansas on 9/11/1857??????
Note the date 9/11...

[link to mountainmeadowsmassacre.com]
 Quoting: Alesiah

What all can you share with us on this thread? You keep dangling things in front of us, give it too us straight! (please?)
 Quoting: NobodysFriend 7759149

Pretty please
 Quoting: YOUCITY 1554286

Mitt the Mormon
Mary Magdalene
Mark Anthony & Miss Cleo Patra
Marilyn Monroe
Mantle & Maris
Mars(Cairo) & Memphis

what do these all have in coMMon?
 Quoting: Peanut 22138

Questions for peanut or anyone else who can help-

Cairo means Mars in an ancient Egyptian language and Cairo is located in Southern Illinois which has been known as little Egypt for over 100 years. But why the connection to Egypt ? Or Mars ? How does Cleopatra & Mark Anthony fit into this picture ? Same question for Mary Magdalene ? I have had a feeling for a long while now that Magdaline and Cleopatra share some kind of connection. Do you know anything about this peanut ? Also does Isis have anything to do w/ Mary Magdaline or Cleopatra ?
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