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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle aether
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remembering what the settlers were looking for and believed they discovered

During the 1880s a massive scientific effort was launched by the Smithsonian Institution to discover who had built the prehistoric burial mounds found throughout the United States. Arkansaw Mounds tells the story of this exploration and of Edward Palmer, one of the nineteenth century’s greatest natural historians and archaeologists, who was recruited to lead the research project. Arkansas was unusually rich in prehistoric remains, especially mounds, and became a major focus of the study. Palmer and his team of researchers discovered that the mounds had been built by the ancestors of the historic North American Indians, shattering the then-popular theory that a lost non-Indian race had built them.
 Quoting: observation

[link to www.amazon.com]
 Quoting: aether

Wha'ts interesting is it's believed we had flight technology before and we're united through global media technology much as we are today....
That would explain the likeness of all the ancient ruins.. It's like having McDonlds all over the world...LOL

Sure some think aliens set it up..I'm not saying they did or didn't, but we've been advanced as a human race before..
 Quoting: Alesiah

nice visuals rockon
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