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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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I'm finding a lot of people saying a lot of interesting things about st.louis on the web. I found this post on a another forumn , not sure if I can name it , but it was posted by KARMAS HELPER , it's very interesting to say the least , I'll post a link at the end

Another very interesting development, is that of troops appearing in the streets of St. Louis. I have Lived extremely close to St. Louis my entire Life, as well as to the ancient city of Cahokia. I can say from my own inner-musings and questions to my Guides about this land, that it is and has always been extremely sacred land.
Just a few minutes away from St. Louis, one will find the remnants of the lost city of Cahokia. These remnants include giant and spectacular mounds, supposedly built by slaves for only the purposes of burial. This city was very advanced and thrived for a very short time before meeting its ultimate end, and it was one of many ancient cities in any given area of the world that seemed to suddenly develop and become very advanced, in nearly every area of their society.
Mother/Father God of the Galactic Free Press have been speaking to the significance of St. Louis as an important spiritual center in the immediate future:
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