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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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I'm not saying that the city that i was born in & lived in for my whole life is the center of the universe but the more that I uncover the more I begin to wonder. Id like to start this thread by talking about all of the strange and important facts or "conincedences" that I have found pertaining to St.Louis but there are other places suppounding St.louis such as southern IL, the NW Arkansas Ozarks region , and the NW Missouri Ozarks region, I would like to say that ever since I started instigating and researching my hometown & surroundings , I have wanted to & even encouraged others to do the same with their surroundings. I believe some people if not everyome live and or born in paticular places for a reason. I think most people would be suprised to find out the history and current events of their surroundings other than being dependent on the local or national media. So I mentioned some places other than St.Louis but they are are surrounding St.louis and I would eventually like to include facts and stories about the places I mentioned earlier as well.  

Not everything I mention here will make sense to everyone but hopefully if just one person begins to thinks, if indeed their is any truth involved in anything i provide , then I will be more than happy. So at the risk of being ridiculed , nothing new, I will Probobly share some pretty weird theories and connections , which may or may not be Coincedences. For the record I do not believe in Coincedence but with everything their is an exception to almost every rule and someti.

I have more than a few theories and recently things have begun to happen more and more and it also seems like things are starting to fall into place with more and more dots starting to be connected. I'm not sure when or where I'm gonna start so if your curious and want to check out the thread then I would suggest that you just bookmark this or bump it and check it every so often. I'm in the middle of other things at the moment but I hope to get something started on here tomorrow. Thanks 


 Quoting: YoU~€it¥~abE23 1554286

This just hit me like a ton of bricks...for the past month I have been having very very vivid dreams of the skies changing (going digital, stars exploding, aliens, I've even had control of a star in one of them....anyway...one of the dreams I walked outside and looked off into the distance...and I could see the St. Louis Arch plain as day big on the horizon. It scared me because it wasn't to be there. THAT DREAM MADE NO SINCE! I haven't been to St. Louis in years! I do live in Kansas City, MO btw.
 Quoting: Healinghands888

St.louis was built with bricks !
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