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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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This is so weird & it's been happening now for years , it may not make to much sense to some of you but to others it might , it seems like anytime I'm researching st.louis & the knights Templars or stargates or basically anything esoteric you might say , I always come across the same few names , always , those names are , in order of most occurrences are,
Marie Antointette , Saint Germain , & King Louis IV & XVI, and while I'm on the topic I'd like to point out one other name the constanly keeps popping up & I've mentioned a couple of time before and that is the name LORRAINE , it's a town in France & also it seems to be an important bloodline.
 Quoting: YOUCITY 18850702

"The Cross of Lorraine is far more explicit in it's iconography: the bar above mirroring the bar below, both of which are symmetrically affixed to a central pillar that provides balance and equilibrium. As above, so below is, after all, a Hermetic maxim. And the three bars of which the cross is composed echo Eliphas Levi's concept of the true trinity. Levi posited that the world is governed by two primordial forces, one creative, the other destructive. The equilibrium between these two forces constitutes a third force, and the union of the three constitutes what some might refer to as... God.

The central role of the principle of equilibrium in various occult arts cannot be overstressed. For Master Mason Albert Pike, equilibrium represented the Royal Secret, the pivotal principle upon which the universe is ordered. And Pike's specific designation of equilibrium as a royal secret is of particular significance because, as previously mentioned, Hermeticism has traditionally been known as the Royal Art, and its central tenet is essentially that of equilibrium. And too, when Pike calls it a Royal secret, he isn't speaking figuratively, but strictly in literal terms. Hermes, according to legend, was the sole receptacle of the secret doctrine of the antediluvian world, which he revived after the flood and passed down to the Kings. As you'll recall, this secret knowledge was thought to have been taught to man by a race of Gods or fallen angels. This knowledge was kept secret because it was probably recognized that for all but an elect few, such thought would no doubt bring about their ruin. This brings to mind the concept of the alchemical poison. Kings and aristocrats would understand how to wield and apply the secret doctrine because it was believed that they were in fact flesh and blood descendants of the Forgotten Race which had come down to take the wives of men.

References to this Forgotten Race occur repeatedly in numerous religions and mythologies throughout the world, and should most likely be known to readers of this magazine. Their doctrines have been enshrined in myth, legend, and many religious symbols, in which they are looked upon by many, and recognized by but a few. They are, and shall remain, the Royal Secret. The Cross of Lorraine is a sigil of that Royal Secret, the doctrine of the Forgotten Ones. "

[link to www.thevesselofgod.com]
 Quoting: peanut 512778

As you'll recall, this secret knowledge was thought to have been taught to man by a race of Gods or fallen angels

That's interesting becaue I first became suspicious of Loraine when I met a member on GLP who post's under many names, one of which is Cross of Lorraine , which is the only one she has uses an avatar with , which is the actual cross of Loraine. I was and still am very suspicious of this member and another one who she is friends with who many of you may be familar with since he posts much more frequently than she does. Both of them talk in a very desninct way and I was able to follow COLs posts back to some older threads I was on & which I was not aware she was also on ! She uses the name Loraine a lot or Boo boo & some others. I am about 99 percent sure that she is the same person that Wingslion has talked about before , referring to her in his stories as MPW or Most Powerful Wiitch. Her name according to him , I'm not sure how to pronounce or spell, something like Queen, I forgot , she goes by Queen, Queen Hezbala ? It's alittle longer , something like that. I will talk more about her later if anyone is intrested.
But I wanted to say that I have , for diffrent reasons , accused Cross of Loraine & her friend , Flaming Sword of being Nephilam on several occasions so that post above just gives me more reason to believe ,maybe they are fallen angels.

I'm sure I'll be getting a visit from Flaming Sword soon now
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