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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle aether
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hey peanut, there was a sea change in western thinking in out 17th century

"the machine theory that came along in the 17th century gave a different kind of theology. God was like a machine maker who designed and made all the machinery of life as it were from outside. It was casting god in the image of technological man. God was like an engineer and a mathematician and the forms and purposes of things came from outside not from inside. When living organisms were thought of as organisms they possessed their own purposes, their own goal. What this revolution did was took the purposes and goals and shapes and forms , the designs, as they were called out of living organisms and put them outside nature into the mind of god"
 Quoting: history

this is where darwin and the others got the imaginative notions from

now there is another sea change in progress

structure and function can never be separated , structure dictates function

in our past 60 years all of the above belief evaporated by discovery and practical experience via our technology

what replaces those beliefs is what our topics are structured to function into
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