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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
that topic is inclusive in disclosure and disclosures baseline is explanation of our environment , without which, nothing within disclosure matches the structure and function of what we know reality to be
our environmental discoveries change our beliefs of our earth history and form sense of our memories and myths back through the sensation of what is labelled modern man into the era`s before modern mans ascendency

there is a linear timetable applied to the disclosure process driven by feedback of information release which currently fits 2013 onwards for publications of our new to us social history explaining how and why we believed what we do
practical structure and function of the nature of our, new to us universe, completed, inclusive of supporting experimental evidence achieved both on and off planet within authorized laboratory conditions, by no later than 21/21/2014

this is the public face of what is already known hence is a process of transparent discovery the outcome of which is already determined. as in:
it provides a official global walk through of what occurred "secretly" over our past 60 years or so

combine the above with our altering earth environment which is the result of our altering solar system environment and you may see why all of the above is feedback sensitive

because these solar system environmental alterations we are currently experiencing themselves are altering how we process information and react to it`s results

Which is why, I feel, we're creating new archetypes....................
 Quoting: beau

we are beau and it is not our imagination
our environment history, inclusive of our ancestry, provides us with the evidence of how and why this is true
our past can not and does not provide information of what our expression of ourselves will be in our present, new to us environmental circumstances

we simply have never experienced this forming environment before with earth and our solar system structured how it is today
 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether

Wow, that one sentence alone said a lot. First off, out of respect to you Aether , if I ask you anything that you feel as though you shouldn't answer , just pretend like you didn't see the question , I won't take offense , but I might get to nosey. There is a question I want to ask but I'm not sure how to ask it . Actually there are several. I guess one thing I'm wondering is , am I going to be suprised ? I'm assuming I will be , I'm also assuming it will make sense . Ok, here's a question , do TPTB want this to happen ?
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