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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle aether
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[link to blogs.orlandosentinel.com]

Unlike any american president before him, Barack Obama and his intimate advisers follow/interact with symbols and signs of different meaning and consequence.

The global nature of this policy embraces awareness prompted by our sharing this universe with life forms not of earth origin.
 Quoting: aether

When our solar system first encountered the effects of the entry into tour solar system of highly charged, magnetised, dusty plasma from the 'local fluff' plasma cloud in the latter part of the 1800`s, a marked increase in humans contact with non human intelligence was observed as well as fluctuations of our sun, which the Carrington effect Solar Storm of 1859 was the most notable.
Tesla, Crowley, Steiner, Russell, Blavatsky, Jung are some of the high profile examples of the epidemic of esoteric experience rampant within the dominant Abrahamic technological cultures of the West.

in England and Europe
[link to blessedquietness.com]

Germany progressed non human communication and translation further than other nations in the 1930`s to 1945.

In 1945 USA and UK were aware of the following.

1) The information being received was accurate in the nature of it`s physics but because the physics were unlike any humans had imagined that our universe was comprised of, awareness of them transformed what humans are.

Awareness made it impossible to accept previous human formed lifestyles and beliefs.

2) Awareness of any part of this information received prompted what became known as "non local conscious" to engage and awareness increased via synchronicity , expressed as instant knowing, following experience of related events.

In other words the person began to think, express , anticipate and expect differently.

3) Because the information originates from intelligences which experience the same environment as ourselves in a manner that is unimaginable, we can not imagine the lifestyle that the information we receive forms.

Hence we can not know our future.

We can only know it is not what we once imagined.

To address this the following steps were taken .

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was utilized and expanded globally in the form of the CIA to locate and observe world wide individuals receiving communication

Their information was given to The Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA], later to be known as the NSA, for translation and projection of outcome.

By the late 60`s it was considered "safe" to plan a global communications system, accessible to all, which in it`self ,acted as the interface for incoming non human information and it`s expression including, the synchronization of non local conscious effects.that result.

This is the simple outline to the complex situation we are now within
 Quoting: aether
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