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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Also the part about new minerals being discovered...Rita and Mark Hadley , whom I know personally...have a story.. Mark had a dream maybe 13-15 years ago...in his dream his Dad came to him and told him he would find a new mineral in his yard. The next day Mark went to his yard found this stone and sent to be analyzed. The report came back that it WAS a newly discovered mineral..The official name is Ottoite after his Dad and the common name is the Missouri Dream Stone...It is beautiful brown and pink striations thru it... I'm sure they have a page ...Rita and Mark have made some beautiful Jewelry that was displayed at Glory Days Antique store in Ironton, Sadly the store has just been sold as the couple is leaving town for MOntana, but if you are interested in their jewelry I'm sure there is a page out there.
They are also selling the castle they live in (Glory Days owners) I believe the name of the real estate company is wallingford group...there is some great history in this area but damn some of the people are totally strange...too much religion for me.
 Quoting: SpaceBillie

LOL Funny you said that about too religious, that's another thing some shop owner I talked to said to me. She moved there from out of state. She said people here have religion up the ass, but do they ever do anything nice for you? No. haha She also said she felt like putting a sign out that said if you hooziers don't want your dogs give them to me- because there are so many strays around.
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