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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle Alesiah
Post Content
Why did Pope John Paul II visit St. Louis in 1999? Of all the cities, why St. Louis? Was it because of his relationship with the then Archbishop Rigali?
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That's really weird that you brought that up just now . Last night I was standing at the train station amd over heard the couple next to me , it was kind of hard not to , the guy telling the stories was very loud , he was in the middle of some crazy story about white house security , the secret service and a big container filled with guns & knives , they were laughing histracally about the box making it into the whitehouse , this was durring regan the man said , then he was talkin about his son in law being a secret service agent and getting engaged & married to some kind of royalty in London & moving there to become a lord , he was bragging about some party the groom had in the house of commons and how important & special a place it was , I finally asked him what he did for a living and to my suprise he was in the entertainment indsustry , his name is Jerry gorrell , he said he was one of the top 5 something of other producers of something ? I forget , in Hollywood , he said "I don't find people , peole find me" , he was very odd amd so was his wife who was even odder , i brought this up because the couple , for some reason , brought up the popes 2 visits to st.louis. One thing I found odd about the 96 trip was the fact that the Vatican made it a point to say that his trip to Mexico after st.louis was just by chance and for no other reason , something like that , it was a weird remark that makes mr wonder. As for arch bishop Rigali, I believe he is now the head of the Cardinals college which will pick the next pope. not sure why the pope came here but I sure would like to know
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Missouri and Mexico.
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