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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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 Quoting: YOUCITY 18850702

It looks like you have to type in the word Mississippi into the search engine and it's the first link ontop of the page titled, America’s Destiny Revealed within Her Landscape, Part I: The Mississippi River Code

This was posted from the link -

 Beloved American author Mark Twain called the Mississippi River “The Body of the Nation”.  The Mississippi River is referred to by the native Algonquin tribe as “The Father of Waters”, which is fascinating considering that, biblically the “Father” references God Almighty or may even represent a false god (as in “father”), whereby “waters” is often translated “peoples” within the Holy Book, and may likewise reference spiritual attributes either good or evil.  Moreover, John 4:10 refers to His Gift as “living water”.  But, back now to the “Father of Waters” designation, this term also brings to mind the following verse referencing the end-times harlot nation, Babylon the Great, in Revelation 17:15-

In fact, the historic length of the river was apparently settled on in 1766 at 2552 miles as is noted by D.O. Elliott (1932).  A vast portion of the river surveying work was accomplished by the Carver Expedition which actually initiated its work in the year 1766.  The essential question is:  was the Carver Expedition’s river length measurement without human influence or, alternately, was Mr. Carter coerced into recording this particular river channel length by a superior who was a member of the occult elite?  I am under no illusions about this, as I am well aware that the occult have been pulling strings in the background since even before America’s birth.  For example, see the exceptional, recent work on this topic by Tom Horn
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