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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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The length of a main river channel is always shorter than the total length of a river in a deltaic setting, as total length includes distributary channels and their sediment load expulsion at the river’s mouth.  Look at the satellite image below, a view of the modern Mississippi River Delta.  I have marked the end of the main channel, represented by the position at which the distributary channels begin to branch out to form deltaic lobes, as well as the limit of the signature representative of the furthest distributary channel.  The difference?  Approximately 32 miles!  So, not only do we have a potential “date code” (2552 miles) as to America’s ultimate fall (or profoundly catastrophic event), but a type of “writing on the wall” (2520 miles) which references this fall as well, and also geographically divides the nation!

Although the Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico at the base of the contiguous United States, it does not start precisely at the Minnesota/Canada border, but rather about 80 miles below.  Yet, if you check the approximate latitude bearings at both the origin of the Mississippi River and the far reaches of its delta, these neatly correspond to approximate “average” northern and southern bearings of the 48 contiguous states.  This can be easily visualized by looking at a large wall map of America.  Therefore, when I say that the Mississippi River “divides” America, it literally and geographically does just that.  I should also note that the Mississippi River channel is, today, about two hundred miles shorter than it was at our nation’s founding.  This is mainly due to purposeful channelization, which was performed in order to make the river more easily navigable for large ships, especially in the upper, shallower reaches.  To a much lesser extent the shortening is due to flooding and even earthquakes (Sandra Lichter, Minnesota DNR, personal communication).

It is obvious to me, however, that it is the pristine, virgin river length of 2552 miles at the precise time of America’s founding (July 4, 1776) which is essential to comprehend for purposes of knowing what God (or, alternately, the occult elite) might be signaling!

I mention the occult elite since, undeniably, since even before our nation’s birth a small group of elitists in America’s shadow government have been busy working on their luciferian plan to use America as a launching pad for bringing in a New World Order.  This plan is even hinted at by master Masons, two of the most prominent of whom were Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall (see Bibliography).  Chris Pinto (Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings series) has done much to expose the agenda of the occult leadership.
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