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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
Did you ever wonder why they call it the WORLD SERIES? The 2 baseball leagues competing for the prize are both American with only 1 other team from out of the country, that being Toronto, Ontario. This does not constitute the world by any stretch of the imagination.

The reason it’s called the World Series is because of the Rose Line, or line of roses, which runs from Lake Tahoe, through Sacramento, San Francisco and Hawaii, finally ending at the Equator and International Date Line. This rose line is just simple geometric symbolism, but to the demonic mind, it is the strength necessary to deceive. This line includes a huge piece of geography that extends across North America and all the way into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you consider that the baseball diamond actually includes Foul Territory as well, the area completely outside the baseball diamond, the infield and the outfield, then the baseball game can include virtually the whole world. From this, we get the term World Series.

The foul territory in this case, represents those areas of the world that the royal elite power brokers find obnoxious. The areas inhabited by the poorer people, the black, brown and yellow people. This is the foul territory in this particular game of baseball.

Hawaii is symbolic of the DOG star Sirius, which in turn is the GOD star (when DOG is reversed = GOD). The word WOR-LD is ROW-LD (when reversed), that speaks once again, of the ROSE. This symbolic manipulation across half of the Pacific Ocean, ultimately affects the entire world. This massive symbolic game of World Series Baseball actually refers to, as everything ultimately refers to, the Rose God. Or put another way, the god who rose from the dead, or rose out of death. Everything in our 3 dimensional realm glorifies the luciferian rose god concept. The egregore group of demonic entities conjured everything up on illusion day, the first day of creation. Therefore, for the illusion to remain constant, everything must always and continually refer back to the entities that conjured the whole thing up. Even the word ILLUSION = ILL (lie when reversed) – U you – SION sun. Illusion means Lie you sun.

How many words have the hypnotic form of the word sion or tion in them? Very, very many to be sure.

Hawaii is the pitcher’s mound in this baalgame. (Kilauea Volcano,through simple sound association, means Kill Away All). Homeplate, located at the International Dateline and Equator, (the equator symbolizing fair judgment which will occur on the fulcrum of TIME, which is the date line) is the location of the main umpire judge, symbolizing the christ. All the Foul Line and Base Umpire Judges which are present in a normal baseball game are symbolic of the saints judging with the christ. This is the hypnotic subliminal, and the real reason why the baseball game, and sports in general are so revered in America and throughout the world. Sports act as one incredible mind manipulation tactic to destroy the awareness of humanity.

Of course, all of this is just insanity, but it is the plan the luciferian mind is going to follow. It will unleash its horror from the region of the Cascadia Ridge Seismic Fault Line off the West Coast of the United States and Canada. To feed its hunger it will feast on hot dogs (volcanic gods) and pop (papa – father god) as it waits for the BIG ONE to get slammed out of the park. These sarcastic string of words that I’ve just written, in spite of the sarcasm, are still representative of the subliminal messaging perptrated by this entity. Subliminals don’t have to make sense, they just have to suggest.
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