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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
The World Trade Centre attack on 911 was suggested in many ways, previous to the attack. One of the ways was in the form of a sigil magic form on the USA money bills, showing in sequence, the attack on the WTC. Another sigil form was the use of the HEART, which is a GOLDEN MEAN ,*** "Remember the area code for st.louis 314 or Pi , part of the golden ratio and across the river is Illinois and its area code is 618 or Phi , the Golden Number"*** is mirrored, or reflecting itself. This sigil form was used in advertising the greatness and worthwhile destination of visiting the BIG APPLE, which is New York City. The acronym I(heart)NY is easily recognizable by a huge portion of the world population. Yet again, this HEART symbolism is preparing the illusory reality for the NEXT and LAST 911 attack on the 11 Western States. This HEART is in proportion to the size of the hoped for attack, and is the HEARTLAND of the USA.

the heart of the HEARTLAND is identified by the HEART wrapping around ILLINOIS and INDIANA, then dipping down with Lake Michigan. A HEART has been connected to the notion of LOVE, however the very opposite is true of this symbol. A HEART is a Double Golden Mean, which is derived from the OCTAGON, or Double Cross. The colour of the HEART is usually portrayed as RED, signifying BLOOD or DEATH. The word itself – LOVE = EVOL in reverse, a suggestion equated with the concept of EVIL, and the letters VOL have been broken down to show the connection to VOLATILITY, VOLUPTUOUS, VOLTS, etc., … terms that suggest little stability, sexual delight, and electrical passion.

The word HEART = EARTH = THRAE = THREE = TRINITY, or the PROTON – ELECTRON – NEUTRON, the mother, father and son illusory god concept.

The HEARTLAND is described as being North of the OHIO River, which follows the southern border of Illinois, and west of the MISSISSIPPI River, which follows the western border of Illinois. It includes the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.
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