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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
This is the area that coincides with St. Louis, the Gateway to the West. The god of Gates is Janus, who is symbolically Lincoln, who symbolically sits in judgment in the area of San Francisco, and the Gate this god has control over is the Golden Gate of San Francisco. The Golden Gate is the YELLOW GATE, the HOLY GATE, that will open for the proposed cleansing in judgment and for the burying alive of the population of this region. The Gateway to the West, in this instance, comes from the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. This will be made to look like judgment from god, but as you can readily see, it’s all been pre-determined for all these thousands of illusory years. It has nothing to do with the wickedness of the people of California, or those of the western states, who are no worse, or better, than anyone else. It has to do with being in the wrong geographical location at the time of judgment being poured out. However, the devastation, the onslaught of the power behind the flood and the earthquake is suggested to be massive, so massive that the whole world will be affected because of it. There’s no physical place to run to for safety, however there is a REALITY SHIFT, a trance to come out of, that will completely eliminate the desired affect and control saught after by the luciferian egregore.

All this is manipulation, just as the myths of the RAIN and VOLCANO gods of Hawaii suggested that they struggled and fought each other, and eventually declared a draw, realizing that they could destroy each other. The luciferian THOUGHT FORM will take this sham as far as is needed to manipulate us into the prison that makes us plead to stop the destruction, just MAINTAIN THE 3D ILLUSION, just PROTECT MOTHER EARTH, let us keep our LIGHT SHOW, and we’ll be good.
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