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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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The word ILLINOIS = ZION LILY, this is the Death Flower, or the Death FLOW of RA, that’s meant to enter the 11 Western States. For this reason the city of BLOOMINGTON bears that name. This city is on Interstate 55, or EYE 55, the Highway suggesting sacrifice (5) and death (multiple of 11). Bloomington coincides with the Snake River Canyon that is distinctly shown of the ROCK under the Dome in Jerusalem. In the same area, YELLOWSTONE lines up with Highway 55 as well. Further down the Highway of death and sacrifice is the city of SPRINGFIELD. This coincides with the area of the Great Basin in the middle of the 11 Western States. This name, SPRINGFIELD, is used countless times in the USA, for now obvious reasons.

(One notable SPRINGFIELD relative to this page is SPRINGFIELD Massachusetts, birthplace of Theodor Seuss Giesel, or DR.SEUSS, the subliminal suggestion who RANG THE OPENING BELL that coincided with the Mumbai attack in India).

The interesting thing about Highway 55, is that as soon as it passes across the Mississippi, it turns sharply southeast and follows the southern coast of California towards Mexico.

EYE 55 = ROUTE 66 = 11-11′s
11×11 = 121 = 1 on the 11th Clockface
In Illinois, EYE 55 coincides with the Historic Highway, Route 66. This is called the Mainstreet of America, or the MOTHER HIGHWAY. Combining these numbers together gives a total of 121. The number 121 coincides with 1, (a NEW AGE), on the 11th clockface. Furthermore, 55 is 5-11′s and 66 is 6-11′s, for a total of 11-11′s. This is the same symbolism hidden in the Freemason built Washington Monument in Washington DC in the HEART of the NATIONAL MALL. The Washington Monument is 555 feet above ground and 111 feet underground, for a total of 666 feet.

The number 6, or a number 9, are a simple GOLDEN MEAN, or GOLDEN RATIO shapes. Route 66 is a Double Golden Mean, as is the HEART symbol. When placed upside down, 66 is the number 99, or 9-11′s. As in the 911 WTC attack, and the 1st day of creation on the Hebrew Calendar. The length of Route 66 is 2,450 miles. This adds up to 2+4+5+0=11, the number of Death. Yet again, 2x4x5x0=40, and Route 66 turns into EYE 40 as it passes through ARIZONA, where the Phoenix will rise from the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION, (4 Corner Cross states) that this whole lunatic agenda is built upon.

Route 66 also, just barely touches on Kansas, supposedly not to attract to much attention to OZ-LAND. Route 66 is also called WILL ROGERS HIGHWAY.

WILL ROGERS = BILL or BEL ROYERS = BAAL ROSE HIGH WAY, Baal being the water river god that rose annually to flood the Nile, or the ILLINI, the ILLINOIS, the NILE of the Son
. The ILLINI people included the KasKasKia and Cahokia tribes that lived in Illinois. This included the area around present day St. Louis which coincides with the area between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Through subliminal transference, the flood plain of St. Louis, relates to the flood plain of California. This in turn, all hinges on the original flood plain of the Nile. (Will Rogers Highway my EYE)?
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