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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
The State of Illinois is called the Land of Lincoln. The word LINCOLN is simply LLIONN-C, or LION SEA, or Sea Lion. This is simply suggesting that the SEA will JUDGE. This is the Lion from the Tribe of Judah who will judge the bad folks. If you rotate the stretched version of the Illinois borders, you will catch a glimpse of a silhouette of a LION’s HEAD. Yet another subliminal hidden within another. Once again, the less obvious, but yet, still obvious, the more powerful it is. The Lion’s Mane is a Golden Mane, or another GOLDEN MEAN. The Golden Mean is OZ, or the O’s, or the EYE’s of swirling confusion.

The Legend of PIASA – The GRIFFINS of California
In Alton Illinois, and more precisely, in a village called Elsah, Illinois, legend has it that a PIASA Birdman terrorized the native villages and ate the people. PIASA means – ‘The Bird That Devours Men’. This is also part of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan area, and therefore, coincides with the area between San Franscisco and Los Angeles. The PIASA monster was described in colours of RED, BLACK and GREEN. Ancient folklore regarding the state of California also had similar stories. These involved Griffins and Gremlins that lived beneath the earth in California.

Here’s a bit of a write up about the PIASA BIRD:

Out of the Western sky came a gigantic flying monster. Its body was much the size and shape of a horse; long, white fangs stabbed upward from the protruding lower jaw and flames leaped from its nostrils; two white, deer-like horns angled wickedly from its head. Its huge wings pounded the air with such force the trees bent; its stubby legs held dagger-like talons and its spiked tail wound around the grotesque body three times. The tail ends in fish tail.

Almost before the braves realized their danger, the beast, soon to be named the Piasa Bird, swooped across the beach and carried one away. From that moment on, the Illini were terrorized by this incredible and blood-thirsty monster. Each morning and afternoon thereafter, the Piasa Bird came, shattering the peace of the village with its blood-chilling screams and the thunderous beat of its wings. More often than not, it returned to its lair with a victim
. (End of quote).

The lair in question was a CAVE that was supposedly discovered a couple of centuries ago, and was reported to hold the bones of thousands of victims. No explanation of how, or why, or what the CAVE or it’s contents was given. Yet again, we have a myth, a story, folklore, regarding a CAVE or Well of Souls in regards to a monster, demon, or devil creature, that will terrorize the population of California. Always keep in mind, whether fact or fiction, truth or fable, the message is still there in subliminal form, creating the illusory reality the THINKERS desire for us to experience.

A Griffin is described as having a LION’S BODY and an EAGLE’S BEAK and WING.
A Gremlin is described as a goblin accused of causing equipment to malfunction.
A Goblin is described as a mischievous spirit
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