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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
A = a PRYAMID, or a PRISM, dividing the LIGHT into a RAINBOW of Colour.
E = the 3 PRONGED TRINITY, the Electron, Proton and Neutron, the ELECT, ELECTRICITY, or SPIRIT of the LIGHT Beam
I = EYE – the All Seeing Eye – or ALL A – as in ALLAH – and the ENLIGHTENED Ones
O = the CIRCLE – another symbolic form of the EYE, and the LIGHT extending from that EYE
U = YOU – the vowel symbolizing our illusory physical form, which is a LIGHT ILLUSION – a vessel, cup, with arms upstretched, worshipping the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS

All vowels can be pronounced without closing the lips or teeth. There are 5 vowels, representing the SACRIFICE of our connection to REALITY.
 Quoting: U CITY 18850702

All vowels represent LIGHT, or the ALL SEEING EYE, from which the LIGHT, ENLIGHTENMENT, or LEARNED KNOWLEDGE proceeds.

The United States was established in 1776. Not such a notable year when observed from a calendar perspective. However, look at it from an entity driven perspective and something quite sinister appears. Luciferian symbolism is obsessed with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. This is the magic of sacred geometry. They also mirror numbers, and mirroring anything in this existence if it serves their purpose. So the year 1776 divided by 2 = 888. Now mirror this number – it’s still 888. Trying mirroring it in any direction – above – below – left – right – it’s still 888. From this you should see that the date for the creation of the United States was no accident. Its highly significant in the plan of the agenda. Just how significant the United States is concerning the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS for TOTAL CONTROL is almost indescribable, and was never meant to be uncovered. Patiently bear with these words as more groundwork is laid, to assist in understanding the complete lunacy that has pieced together this whole agenda, and for that matter, the entire UNIVERSE.

It should also be noted that after the luciferian mind controlled government elite and agencies used to attack the World Trade Centre using the American administration, secret service agencies, etc. and destroyed the complex, the new Freedom Tower is already under construction and will be 1776 feet tall. When observed from directly above, the shape is a perfect octagon. Once again, the symbolic number of 1776 divided by 2 = 888. Is this really Freedom?

Furthermore, July 4, the birthdate of the United States is the number 4 – the FOURSQUARE FOUNDATION of the mother goddess, which represents the whole trinity of all religion. The 4th of July is 14 days (or 2 x 7) after the summer solstice, a high point in occult, or hidden, or SECRET, circles. Its also the 7th month, the number of perfection and completion. Combine all this number symbolism with 1776 (which is two 888′s) and you have a highly significant date in regards to the birth of the USA.

The number 4 has significant symbolism, and thereby significant manipulation attributes. Used in combination, the words FOUR and SQUARE, refer to the FOUNDATION STONE that the whole of the luciferian agenda is built upon. This is what the words attributed to the illusory Jesus were referring to when he said to Peter, ‘thou art Peter, and upon this ROCK I’ll build my church’.

FOURSQUARE = 4 ERAUQS in reverse = 4 ROCKS

ERAUQS also is the source behind the name IRAQ, the CRADLE of CIVILIZATION, or more appropriately, the CRADLE of the CONJURED 3D EXPERIENCE, of the luciferian agenda in BABYLON.


As one reads through this site it becomes extremely evident that vowels can be interchanged at will. For all words in the English language can be understood without any vowels at all
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