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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
There are no numbers in the infinite awareness state. Everything in the 3 dimensional natural realm is based on Real Pi (3.141…with endless decimal numbers) and the Golden Mean, or Phi (1.618…with endless decimal numbers) which have no ability to support any religious, magical, geometric, mathematical, algebraic, chemical, astrological or numerological formula. Pi and Phi are concerned with light energy, which is the corrupting force in this physical realm, and is what the physical realm is totally formed of. Then, when the egregore thinking entities play the natural forces it created against the man made systems it also inspired, (a process called DUALITY), that incorporate the sacred geometric equations, the result is illusion of endless greed, death, disease and fear. To those in the illusory TRANCE STATE, the greed, death, disease and fear all seem totally real, yet, it remains a complete fabrication and separation from REALITY.

Have a look at the number 8 in the diagram immediately below. Notice, that when 2 SQUARES are overlayed, and given a 45 degree twist, an 8 POINTED STAR, or OCTAGON is formed by connecting the points. This 8 POINTED STAR is formed by 2 SQUARES, which in themselves are 2 CROSSES, formed by the intersecting lines that DIVIDE the SQUARE into 4 SEASONS. These 2 SQUARES, or 2 CROSSES, form the DOUBLE CROSS of religion and intellectualism, the manipulation tool used to perpetuate the illusory world separating us from REALITY.
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The DOUBLE CROSS is the symbol of the Cross of Loraine
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