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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
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The number 7 brings with it unique characteristics. Some can be evidenced in the number 5 and the symbolism of the 5 pointed star. The triangle, circle and square can all be drawn without lifting the pen from the paper. All odd numbered stars can also be drawn in this way. Again, these nuances may seem trivial, but when considering that this is a powerful number in the manipulation of humanity, it’s probably best to look at why its so strong. The number 7 represents completion. It symbolically represents the touching of, or manipulation of the wisdom state, using the illusory body of humanity.

We have to understand, that humanity is not who we really are, and attempting to sustain, perfect, and perpetuate the body of humanity, is to attempt to sustain, perfect and perpetuate the illusion of the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, who have designed this 3 dimensional illusion to separate us from WISDOM, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the ETERNAL BLISSFUL STATE of PARADISE
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This number also includes some word/sound manipulation. For instance seven sounds like heaven. We use the term seventh heaven. This is no coincidence. SEVEN also sounds like ELEVEN. 7 represents completion and perfection, however, it links in a subliminal sound and shape fashion to 11, which is the number of DEATH. The completion and perfection associated with 7 in this instance, is that of a PERFECT and COMPLETE DEATH. The death in question, is the death of any real connection to, or awareness of, WISDOM and REALITY. This death, or disconnection from wisdom, forfeits TOTAL CONTROL to the luciferian mindset to dominate and exercise all the power of the eternal state for its benefit.

Sound incantation manipulates the mind. Sound implants the VIBRATION aspect, or the ENERGY aspect, the ILLUSORY SPIRITUAL ASPECT, of the THOUGHT PROCESS. By itself, it wouldn’t have the strength to numb the mind. In conjunction with other seductions its destructive. For instance, apply this sound to the gambling passion that many have and you get a sense of its power. People will spend a lifetime and whole fortunes trying to roll a seven/eleven. Just mention the phrase 7/11 and the idea of a convenience store immediately pops to mind. This is the power of hypnotic suggestion. All this control of our thought process is brought about through incantation, or sound subliminals, meant to misdirect and implant a true hypnotic TRANCE STATE.
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