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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
As the word/sound association is explored further, we see the last 4 letters in the word completion ending in – tion. These letters are pronounced shun. This is an exten-sion of the word Sion meaning sun. All words such as completion and extension are simply incantations of sound applied to some thought. A thought is the imagination (here we go again) or i-magi-na-tion or image na-sun.

IMAGINATION = IM A YI NA SUN substituting the G for a Y, as there is no G, J, or Guh sound in Hebrew/Sun worship.

The worship of gods, and the luciferian agenda has a strong connection to the constellation ORION.
ORION = ROYAL ION = ROSE ION or the electrically charged ION that ROSE to disconnect WISDOM and REALITY from our eternal state of being

For instance OREGON = OREYON = ORION

of the EYE, the SON of GOD made FLESH. As is the messianic principle repeated endlessly down through these illusory ages.

An image alludes to an idol, symbol or the memory of any 3 dimensional thing. This is how we set up idols in our heart. Idolatry is happening all the time, in everything we do. Again, this isn’t sin, isn’t good or bad, it just manipulates us IF WE LET IT. This word imagination says more than that however. It’s telling us that images are magic tricks of the eye and of the sun. In other words, images, which are 3 dimensional impressions, are just magic tricks performed by manipulating light that is symbolized by the sun. If you’re familiar with the book of Genesis, the luciferian egregore CREATED LIGHT FIRST, and after that, this THINKING GROUP entity conjured up the illusion of the sun to act as a hypnotic subliminal and to symbolize light.

The aforementioned ORION, the SUN, the MOON, the MILKY WAY, and the whole 3 dimensional experience is simply an illusion, created to act as a massive subliminal to separate who we really are, from reality. NONE OF THIS IS REAL!

It is interesting to note that the ion (the 3 letters, ion, at the end of these words) is an electrically charged atom, molecule or radical (RA-dical – a group of atoms behaving like a single atom).
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