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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
Abe, have you ever heard of HU? Horton Hears a HU? WHO are you, HU HU?
The WHO played at Super Bowl #44 where the saints played-

[link to www.youtube.com]

"At 6:26pm July 3rd 14000BCE the Sun set in the West. Exactly twelve hours later at 6:26am July 4th 14000BCE the Sun rose in the East! Exactly twelve hours after that, at 6:26pm July 4th 14000BCE, the Sun set in the West. The cycle was broken at sunrise the following morning at 6:25am; eleven hours and fifty nine minutes following sunset the previous evening.
The crucial dates are July 3rd and July 4th 14000BCE. (Remember that these dates are using the Gregorian Calendar.)
Furthermore, at the Giza Plateau around 11:57pm to midnight on July 3rd 14000BCE the Celestial Sphinx could again be observed sitting on the horizon gazing towards the East where his final Act of Creation would be born the following Dawn."

[link to ancientegypt.hypermart.net]

July 3 and 4 were the dates of the battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln's famous address and death of the rebellion against the "Union".

Question: Is the St. Louis arch a sound device?
 Quoting: peanut 105726

I've heard of Huey Lewis and the news , can't say that I've head of HU.
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