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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
The Last Words spoken from 7 French Kings~

Louis IX. King 1226-1270. He was known as “The Saint”. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem.”
Charles VIII. King 1483 – 1498 and known as “The Affable” “I hope never again to commit a mortal sin, not even a venial one if I can help it.”
Charles IX. King 1560-1574 and was only aged 10 when made King. “Nurse, nurse, what murder, what blood. Oh I have done wrong. God pardon me.”
Louis XIV. King 1643 –1715 and known as “The Great Sun King”. “Why weep you? Did you think I would live forever? I thought dying was much harder.”
Louis XV. King 1715 –1774 and called “the Beloved”. “Repeat those words Monsieur Almoner. Repeat them.”
Louis XVI . King 1774 –1792 known as “The Last”. “Frenchmen, I die guiltless of the crimes imputed to me. Pray God my blood falls not on France.”
Louis XVIII. King
1814 –1815, 1815 –1824. The gap of 111 days between these two periods of his reign marked the return of Napoleon Bonaparte from exile in Elba to his restoration. “A King should die standing up.”
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