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Message Subject SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri
Poster Handle YOUCITY
Post Content
The Gateway arch is some kind of stargate or is next to one. That's why you will find the Millinium hotel adjacent to it just like the monilith hotel millinieum that the twin towers stood next to in new York.
 Quoting: YOUCITY23 11738154

This is a testimony I found from someone who was a former member of a group called the end times handmaidens and their "leader" is Gwen Shaw.
I know that the some of the meetings this person is speaking of have taken place at the Millinium hotel next to the Gateway Arch.

Every year they have a convention.  Anything goes at these meetings and the wilder more off the wall it is, the better.  End Time Handmaidens pride themselves on being “way out there in the spirit realm.” You go to the conventions to get more power.  This is called “the anointing”. Dreams and Visions are encouraged and expected. Manifestations of psychic powers are called the Holy Spirit gifts in operation. Group mind control is practiced and people are manipulated through typical cultic techniques at the convention.  These include...sleep deprivation, the loss of time, music, dancing and singing for hours before each and every meeting to achieve altered states of consciences, group hypnosis and suggestions, demon deliverance, emotional manipulation, group travail, wailing and weeping.  People are conditioned to accept all the “new things” that God is doing.  The conventions are used to indoctrinate more people into the ETH cult and to raise money.  I personally saw the children being neglected for hours at the conventions.  Instead of leaving the meetings at a decent time and putting the kids to bed, they are left in a room typically until after midnight.  This is a dangerous situation that I found quite alarming and abusive.
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